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What is thyme honey?

What is thyme honey?

What is thyme honey?

Thyme honey: its properties and health benefits

Thyme plant, which is used in the spice industry to make foods taste good, also has its fans in honey production.  Thyme plant goes in the car or wild in the highlands and the nectar of the plant is one of the nectar used by bees.

Honey obtained from thyme is dark and of course with spicy flavors, which makes this type of honey different from other honeys, especially acacia honey.  Thyme honey has a warm nature and is recommended for people with a cold temper

Thyme alone has many properties for human health.  If thyme is turned into a healing substance by bees during the honey-making process; Its benefits and properties are multiplied.

Antibacterial properties of thyme honey

Thyme honey is suitable and effective for relieving sore throat and reducing bacteria in the respiratory tract and throat.  By consuming this type of honey, you can overcome colds and its effects, including cough. However, new research shows that valuable foods such as thyme honey are effective in treating Covid 19, which affects the respiratory system. In addition to the antibacterial effect of thyme honey, this type of honey can help cure gastrointestinal diseases.  Thyme honey with its antibacterial properties, cleanses the stomach of germs.

Thyme honey and fight against diabetes and obesity

Thyme honey, as one of the ingredients tested with successful results, is useful for controlling and improving diabetes. Thyme honey also helps to control and lose weight due to its natural compounds in terms of sugar and protein. Thyme honey significantly improves blood glucose levels and protects it against metabolic changes and complications of type 1 diabetes.

Thyme honey is anti-allergic

Thyme honey is also effective in relieving seasonal allergies. Although many people can be allergic to some types of honey; But thyme honey is an anti-allergic substance.

Anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory

The antioxidants in honey are effective in preventing dangerous diseases such as cancer. Honey, with its antioxidant properties, also fights inflammatory diseases and diseases caused by stress.


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