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Anti-cancer properties of honey

Anti-cancer properties of honey

Anti-cancer properties of honey

Anti-cancer properties of honey

Honey is one of the most popular natural products and alternatives to chemical supplements and drugs that are studied for anti-cancer effects.  Honey is an important source of plant-derived bioactive compounds, and in recent years we have seen an increase in interest in its anti-cancer properties.  At the beginning of this article, we list the causes of cancer and then assess the relationship between honey and the neutral cases that lead to cancer.

What are the causes of cancer?  1- Low safety status; Due to diabetes, chronic diseases, obesity, old age and … 2 – chronic infections; Such as Helicobacter pylori bacteria (stomach cancer), viruses such as (human papilloma virus), cervical, skin and penile cancers (hepatitis viruses, various parasites, fungi, etc.).

Chronic inflammation; For example, colorectal cancer, which occurs in patients with colitis and ovarian colitis.  Chronic non-healing wounds, such as squamous cell carcinoma of the skin in patients with chronic traumatic skin lesions.

Accumulation of toxic free radicals and oxidative stress-6 Heredity and genetic factors.  Therefore, there are several cases involved in the development of cancer, and by neutralizing each of the factors, we have played an important role in cancer prevention

?How does honey prevent cancer

  Honey has many phenolic compounds as well as many antioxidants.  Honey can prevent various cancers in the body.  A factor with strong antioxidant properties may have the potential to prevent the development of cancer because free radicals and oxidative stress play an important role in causing cancer.

Honey stimulates the production of antibodies in the body.  In this condition, the body shows high resistance to various diseases.  Therefore, improving the immune system is key in preventing cancer, and honey has such potential.  Honey fights the cancer-causing conditions mentioned above.  Some of these cases are examined below.

Honey fights inflammation and bacteria to prevent cancer. honey is a strong anti-inflammatory agent.  Infants with diadermatitis recovered significantly after 7 days after topical application of a mixture containing honey, olive oil and beeswax.  Honey provides significant relief from cough symptoms in children with upper respiratory tract infection (URTI).  Honey is a strong natural antimicrobial.

The antibacterial effect of honey has been extensively studied.  The bactericidal mechanism of honey is through disruption of cell division machines.  Honey boosts anti-inflammatory properties when used in combination with the antibiotic gentamicin.

Honey and strengthens the immune system

Patients with low immune systems are at risk for cancer.  This explains why diabetics and HIV patients are at higher risk for epithelial and non-epithelial cancers.  Such people are also at risk for a number of chronic infections, which indicate a multiplicity of cancers. Aging is also associated with a weakened immune system.  Many cancers are associated with aging.

Although age alone is not a significant determinant of cancer risk, it requires long-term exposure to carcinogens. To combat malignant cancerous tumors, consuming honey along with chemotherapy drugs has greatly contributed to the chemotherapy process.  Flavonoids, quercetin, apigenin, etc. in honey reduce cell damage in the body and contribute to DNA health.

The phenolic and antioxidant content of honey is the great shield of this sweet substance against cancer cells.  With the activity of proteins and amino acids in honey, the activity of free radicals that play a destructive role for the body is reduced.

Honey and fight against infections and carcinogenic inflammation

Honey can be considered as the most stable food produced naturally.  Contains sugar, vitamins, minerals and high antioxidant activity.  Cancer is on the rise in most countries.  Carcinogenesis is a multi-stage process and has different causes.  Cases leading to cancer include low immune status, chronic infection, chronic inflammation, non-healing wounds, smoking, obesity, etc.

Published studies show that honey improves the immune system, has antimicrobial properties and heals chronic wounds.  The apoptotic activity of honey makes it a natural potential for cancer prevention.

As a result, honey has properties that prevent inflammation and inflammation; It can act as an anti-cancer dietary supplement for the body.  Honey has antioxidant properties and phenolic compounds, modulates oxidative stress in the body and strengthens the immune system against harmful factors.

Destructive factors that cause cell destruction and cancer cell growth are counteracted by anti-cancer supplements.  Therefore, by including honey in the daily diet is a good protector for the body against various diseases.

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