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How to distinguish natural honey from artificial honey?

How to distinguish natural honey from artificial honey?

How to distinguish natural honey from artificial honey?

;How to distinguish natural honey from artificial honey

What is natural honey and how does it produce?  This article examines what is natural honey?  Is crystallized a good criterion for diagnosing healthy honey?   Are there any ways to identify natural honey?  Do the methods provided by some of the analyzes and sites have the necessary reality and documentation?  Can home methods be used to distinguish between natural and artificial honey?  This article answers these questions

?What is natural honey

  Natural honey is honey that is made with flower nectar sucked by bees in the hive.  Therefore, a very important criterion for the naturalness of honey is the type of bee nutrition.  If bees use sugar and even juice instead of nectar, honey produced by bees is not a natural honey.  The beekeeper may also use artificial sweeteners such as saccharin to feed the bee.

One reason for this for beekeepers is that bees produce more honey through artificial feeding and it will be economically viable for the honey producer.  Another reason for bee feeding is seasonal.  In the cold season and the lack of nectar, the beekeeper uses artificial feeding to produce honey and reuse the hive.

?Does natural honey become crystallized or clay

The answer is yes!  If the honey you bought is crystallized, it does not mean that you bought a synthetic honey.

Sugaring, or so-called scientific crystallization, is a very important and, of course, controversial issue among honey suppliers.  Natural honey is rich in enzymes added by bees.  Honey outside the hive space has unstable conditions and if the conditions are met, it can certainly become crystallized.  Therefore, crystallized honey in general is not a good criterion for diagnosing the health of honey.

Many honey sellers, by selling artificial and transparent honey, remind consumers that natural honey is never crystallized.  We must say in this article that this is a very propagandistic and false belief.  Due to its diastase, honey can absorb its sugars and form crystallization nuclei in its tissue.  In such a situation, natural honey can also be crystallized.  Of course, there are ways for beekeepers not to sweeten honey, such as heating honey.  But it is necessary to understand that heating honey reduces the quality of honey in order to prevent crystallized.

Methods of recognizing natural honey at home: A natural honey has a high degree of adhesion, and if we pour some water into a jar of honey, the water will not penetrate quickly into the honey.  Water droplets in natural honey gradually dissolve in natural honey.  If we use the test of pouring water on honey for a poor quality and industrial honey, the result of the test will be different; In this case, water quickly penetrates into the texture of artificial honey and due to the lack of adhesion of artificial honey, water particles settle in the honey container.

A natural honey with its unique texture has the property of not allowing light to pass through.  So if you shine light on honey.  The light passed through the glass, surely it’s an artificial honey in your hands!  The commercial glucose in artificial honey forms the texture of honey in such a way that light passes through the texture of honey.  In conclusion; Light does not pass through natural honey.

Of course, these are common methods and none of which can be a good criterion for testing honey at home.  Including burning honey, pouring honey in front of an ant, using a match tip, heating honey or ….!!!  What is the best type of honey test?  The best answer to this question is the ways for testing honey in the laboratory.  Only by testing honey in the laboratory can the health and naturalness of honey be guaranteed.

As a result, Natural honey is the honey that is made from the natural nutrition of bees (the bee feeds on flower nectar and not artificial sugars) in the hive.  Natural honey also causes crystallized and clay; Therefore, crystallized honey is not a good criterion for measuring the quality of honey.  Also, to answer the question, the best way to diagnose natural honey is the laboratory method which is the best and most accurate answer.

Marzogh Trade company has the honor to produce and supply natural and healthy honey for dear consumers.  With a healthy feeding method and monitoring the hives purchased by Marzooq Trading House, the best and highest quality of a honey for consumers is produced and enters commercial and export markets

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