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Properties and features; Spring orange honey

Properties and features; Spring orange honey

Properties and features; Spring orange honey

What is Spring orange honey

Properties and its features; Introduction of Spring orange (Bahar Narenj) honey: Bahar Narenj tree with its pleasant aroma is one of the types of nectar fed by bees.  Of course, from Bahar Narenj blossoms and its fruit, Bahar Narenj jam, Bahar Narenj pollen, Bahar Narenj wax, etc. can be produced.  The Bahar Narenj tree is tall and has orange-like fruits.  The leaves of the Bahar Narenj tree are about 9 cm long.  The fragrant flowers of the Bahar Narenj in white colors welcome the bees.

In the spring, the bee sucks the nectar of the Bahar Narenj blossoms and produces the Bahar Narenj honey.  The color of Bahar Narenj honey is orange, yellow, golden as well as transparent.  This honey has a warm and energizing nature.  The production of this honey is very common in Spain, the United States, Mexico, Italy, the Mediterranean, China and even Pakistan.  In Iran, Bahar Narenj honey is produced and supplied in the plains and humid regions of the country, i.e. the northern provinces of Iran.

Of course, wherever citrus trees are present, Bahar Narenj honey can also be produced by beekeepers.  The best Bahar Narenj blossoms for bees are provided in gardens where the density of Bahar Narenj trees is high.  The best gardens for bees are gardens that grow organically without relying on harmful pesticides or insecticides.

– Unique features and properties of each honey, depending on the nutritional type of bee, has its own unique characteristics, taste and properties that Bahar Narenj honey is also one of these types of honey.  One of the ways to recognize Bahar Narenj honey from its appearance is its bright, yellow and transparent color.  The aroma of Bahar Narenj is also evident in this type of honey.  More precisely, it is said that Bahar Narenj honey is amber in color.  In the following titles, we will examine the therapeutic properties of this soothing honey.

 Strengthens the nerves and brain with the unique properties of Bahar Narenj honey

strengthens the nervous system and reduces problems caused by stress and insomnia;  Therefore, Bahar Narenj honey can be used as a natural analgesic.  This type of honey also helps the brain process and is effective for memory enhancement.  For better effect, it is recommended to consume Bahar Narenj honey before going to bed.  Bahar Narenj Tea with Bahar Narenj Honey is a special combination, fragrant and sweet to go to a restful sleep.  It has even been said that the smell of Bahar Narenj alone strengthens memory, Now, if a natural honey is obtained from Bahar Narenj, it will have unique properties for the customers.

 Antioxidant properties and natural cleansing of the body

With the antioxidant properties of Bahar Narenj  honey, the body’s forces protect against cancer, especially stomach cancer.  It also helps treat colds, sore throats and coughs.  Bahar Narenj honey is rich in vitamin C.  Vitamin C is linked to improving the body’s immune system and human health. Bahar Narenj tree, which belongs to the citrus family, naturally has more vitamin C in its flowers than other nectar that bees eat.

In addition to the detoxifying properties of this honey for the blood, it is possible to control blood lipids and cholesterol by this type of honey.  With the antiseptic and antiviral properties of Bahar Narenj honey, it is possible to control diseases such as colds and even coronary heart disease.  By eating Bahar Narenj honey, you can cleanse the body of toxins.  Also, the antioxidants in Bahar Narenj honey have given this type of honey anti-fungal properties.

 Healing wounds and burns Due to the antimicrobial and antiseptic properties of this honey

it can be used to heal wounds.  Dressing the wound with Bahar Narenj honey can be a good option to speed up the healing process.

* Strengthen the digestive system Bahar Narenj honey is useful for strengthening the digestive system and is effective for eliminating indigestion.  It is appetizing and tonic for underweight people.  Bahar Narenj honey is also an excellent option for relieving hiccups.  Bahar Narenj honey protects weak stomachs and does not irritate the gastric mucosa.

* Muscle cramps and spasms after exercise; eating Bahar Narenj honey is useful to relax contracted muscles.  * Sugar control and fight against diabetes Bahar Narenj honey, with its natural sugar, is recommended for diabetics.  A natural Bahar Narenj honey with a sucrose content below 5% is a healthy honey for diabetic consumers

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Marzogh Trading Company, with the provision of high quality and natural Bahar Narenj honey for consumers, is proud to take steps to ensure the health of our valued customers.  Marzogh Trading House, with close supervision over the production and supply process of honey in the land of Guilan, delivers pure and fragrant Bahar Narenj honey with unique and unique properties to dear consumers.

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