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Rose water 60 kg of petals

Rose water 60 kg of petals

Rose water 60 kg of petals

Double rose water

The rose has a very pleasant smell. In Iran the essence obtained from roses has various medical and edible uses for a long time.

Also according to the available documents, the Iranian were the first nation who obtain rose water and its essence from 《red rose》. By distillation method and then transferred this technique to other nations of the world.

Ibne Sina, the great Iranian scientist, has done extensive research on the extraction of essence of rose water by distillation.

Gulab is a special Iranian product.


And its name also unified with the traditional culture and religious beliefs of Iranian people. In addition to its memorable and rich effectiveness on colorful tablecloths. Gulab is also used in the cosmetics industry.

At internal medicine, rose has a warm nature that combines well with foods such as rice that has a cold nature. With increasing the importance of internal medicine alongside and in competition with modern medicine, herbal products are consumed by people more than ever.

Rose is one of the most widely consumed drinks in internal medicine, its useful for stomach, heart, liver and nerves. In addition, it has special therapeutic properties for mind, soul and is prescribed to reduce stress and eliminate sleep problems.

Every year in early May, the second month of Iranian calendar, the rose-picking process in the cities of Ghamsar, Niasar, Barzak, Joshqan, Kam and from the cities of Kashan in Esfahan province, as well as Fars and Kerman province, brings tourists and interested people to Iranian roses Diar.

Petals that can be produced and supplied in different ways and traditions in rose glass with different quality.

Niasar is one of the three important centers for the production of Mohammadi flowers, roses and herbal essences in Kashan and the country. Such a unique feature is due to its location on the eastern slopes of the Karkas Mountaina and the presence of Alexandria springs and many aqueducts, which cultivate an area of 800 hectares and can be greatly expanded by expanding modern irrigation and agric.


People who are excited by the scent of pure Iranian roses and seeing pots full of petals. Annual rose festivals have been held in different cities of Iran, such as Ghamsar and Niasar Kashan since 2500 years ago. When the weather warms up, rose petals are ready for rose picking and attract many tourists from different parts of Iran and the world to Ghamsar and Niasar. That’s why, The Rose Festival is one of the most attractive tour in the Iranian tourism industry.


regular rose water and double rose water;

Gulab e Doatishe is different from regular rose water that mainly sold in markets. what makes this Gulab unique is, its different distillation method.

For ordinary water roses, the distillation method is that, in each rose pot, 30 kg of rose petals are mixed with 30 kg of water and be boiled. large rose pots are connected to other pots through metal pipes. The steam produced from the mixture inside the boiler goes to another boiler through pipes that are connected to cold water. In this way, the rose is compacted and distilled. Finally, ordinary rose is produced in this process. The same process can be repeated for the second time, which gives a higher quality than the original ordinary rose. Then in the second round, instead of adding water to the new petals, the primary rose is used in the secondary pots, the rose water obtain would have higher quality. It would be pure, unique and of course more bitter than ordinary roses.

The more bitter the rose, the stronger and purer it would be. and also the label of double water rose on large glass bottles shows the purity of rose


Marzooq Trading House, with its flower gardens in Niasar, produces and sells pure double rose water by traditional distillation, of course pasteurized especially for export purposes.

Marzooq Trading House, is proud to put the double rose water in one liter jars made of 60 kg of petals in its export basket by closely  monitoring the rose picking process in the spring.


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