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Natural Orange Blossom Honey Benefits

Natural Orange Blossom Honey Benefits

Natural Orange Blossom Honey Benefits

What is orange blossom honey?

Orange is a plant whose flowers and fruits can be consumed. Orange blossom honey is harvested mainly in the north and south of Iran, especially in Mazandaran province, in the cities of Babol and Sari, as well as Shiraz city in Fars province and Hormozgan and Khuzestan provinces. Due to the presence of other citrus trees such as grapefruit, oranges, etc. in orange groves, orange blossom honey, which is produced from orange blossom nectar, is also called citrus honey. However, the flavor and aroma of orange blossom is the dominant in it. For this reason, it is more commonly known as orange blossom Honey.

Natural Orange blossom honey

Benefits of natural orange blossom honey

Considering the variety of citrus fruits that the bees that make this type of honey use for making, Orange blossom honey has very high therapeutic properties. For example, this honey is rich in vitamins A, B, and C. If you have ever used different orange blossom products, you have probably experienced a feeling of peace and a great feeling after using them. Therefore, it can be considered as one of the most important benefits of orange blossom honey to eliminate anxiety and its calming effects. However, the therapeutic effect of orange blossom is mostly the result of a wide range of biologically active compounds such as antioxidants, vitamins, antimicrobial elements, and the vitamins that were mentioned. In the following, we will mention some healing properties of natural orange blossom honey.

Antimicrobial properties, disinfection, and strengthening of the immune system

Orange blossom honey has strong antibacterial properties. The ingredients in orange blossom honey can be effective in fighting bacteria and other microorganisms and act as a natural antiseptic. The antimicrobial properties of Orange blossom honey make it suitable for various therapeutic purposes such as improving the appearance of the skin, acne, and respiratory infections. What makes Orange blossom honey and other natural kinds of honey such as acacia honey and thyme honey have antibacterial properties is the content of hydrogen peroxide, acidic pH, and low humidity.

Natural orange blossom honey also has a diverse set of antioxidants, which strengthen the immune system and prevent various diseases. On the other hand, improving the immune system increases the body’s ability to fight against various diseases and even cancer. Antioxidants can be effective in neutralizing dangerous and harmful molecules called free radicals that are produced naturally or due to air pollution etc. in the body. Antioxidants with this property also help to improve heart health and prevent premature aging.

Improving the digestive system and relieving stomach pains

Continuous consumption of natural orange blossom honey improves the function of the digestive system due to its special properties. Orange blossom honey can help increase appetite, facilitate food digestion and eliminate digestive disorders such as hiccups, indigestion, reflux, and intestinal parasite worms. The digestive healing effect of natural orange blossom honey is related to both the thick and viscous consistency of honey and its antimicrobial properties. The consistency and stickiness of honey make it adhere to the walls of the mucous membranes of the digestive system and form a protective coating against harmful elements. This behavior causes the mucous membranes of the digestive tract in the body to find the opportunity to heal and reduce inflammation and irritation.

In addition to the mentioned properties, natural orange blossom honey also helps to eliminate Helicobacter pylori infection, which causes pain in the stomach and causes serious and dangerous injuries. Scientists’ research has shown that this property of honey is due to the fact that when honey is combined with stomach acid, it releases hydrogen peroxide, which is a strong antiseptic and directly affects the site of infection. In addition, the hydrogen peroxide in the natural orange blossom honey also helps to restore the inner lining of the stomach.

Antiallergic properties

Natural orange blossom honey has anti-allergic properties and can help reduce the symptoms of allergies that occur due to the presence of pollen in the environment. Orange blossom honey can also improve asthma symptoms and other respiratory allergies. In addition to all this, the anticonvulsant properties of this type of honey can help treat some neurological diseases. It is estimated that orange blossom honey contains less than 15% pollen, and this makes the possibility of allergic reactions in those who are allergic to honey less than other kinds.

Healthy diet

Orange blossom honey can be used as a natural and healthy alternative to sugar, refined sugar, and other sweeteners. Orange blossom honey is rich in natural sugars and also contains small amounts of amino acids and minerals such as copper, zinc, manganese, magnesium, sodium, calcium, and potassium. This type of honey also contains polyphenol compounds. Orange blossom honey can also help regulate blood sugar and provide the energy needed by the body and is a suitable tool to fight hypoglycemia.

Improve skin health

Natural orange blossom honey acts as a natural skincare ingredient. By using this kind of honey as a skin mask, the pores of the skin look closed and clean without making the skin look greasy. Orange blossom honey removes the redness of acne marks and helps control and prevent skin acne. The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of natural orange blossom honey also help to improve skin inflammation and dryness and make the skin soft and shiny.

Skincare with honey

Improving brain function and strengthening memory

Orange blossom honey has many positive effects on the brain and daily performance by creating relaxation and reducing stress and the mood of the patient, and it is very useful for those who do a lot of intellectual work, such as students, and increases the executive function of the brain. Orange blossom honey is useful for strengthening the nerves and its consumption helps to treat insomnia. Therefore, those who suffer from the problem of insomnia can eat a tablespoon of natural orange blossom honey an hour before going to bed to be surprised by its effect. Consumption of this honey also helps to treat depression and creates relaxation at the same time as vitality and energy.

Recent research by scientists on the properties of Orange blossom honey has shown that this fragrant and healing honey has amazing effects on the body’s nervous system by controlling blood sugar and glucose, which significantly increases memory, executive memory, verbal memory, and brain processing speed. This honey delivers enough glucose to the brain and reduces the body’s need for sugar. As a result, alertness increases, and memory shows much more efficiency. Orange blossom honey also helps prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

Improving heart functionality and preventing stroke

To improve heart functionality, always consume natural orange blossom honey. Consuming orange blossom honey reduces blood pressure, sugar, and cholesterol and makes the heartbeat regular. Prevention of heart attack is another innumerable property of this natural honey; Because orange spring honey causes partial opening of blood vessels. Orange spring honey also improves the blood, and the iron in it eliminates anemia caused by iron deficiency. As a result, boredom and lethargy in the body are reduced and make a person energetic. It is recommended to consume orange blossom honey as a snack or breakfast.

Other healing properties of natural orange spring honey

Due to the countless properties of natural orange blossom honey, here we will limit ourselves to mentioning some of its other properties and refrain from mentioning more details due to the length of the article:

  • Soothing sore throat and treating cough, cold and flu
  • Anti-nausea, detoxification, and antifungal properties
  • Speeding up basic metabolism and body metabolism and helping to balance weight
  • Enhance sexual power
  • Treatment of migraine pain
  • Remove kidney stones
  • Spleen enlargement
  • Anti-inflammatory and fever properties
  • Help to improve arthritis and joint rheumatism
  • Prevention of all types of cancer
  • Providing essential body vitamins for vegetarians
  • Help to cure women’s diseases
  • Increase breast milk
  • anti-diarrhea
  • Lowering body temperature
  • Improvement of sinusitis and bronchitis
  • Removing spots caused by wounds and burns on the skin

Storage conditions of natural orange blossom honey

In order to store natural orange blossom honey, like other types of natural honey, it should be kept at room temperature, between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius, and away from direct sunlight. Direct sunlight destroys the beneficial and natural enzymes of honey. The best storage conditions for natural orange blossom honey are in the kitchen cabinet and in completely closed containers. In this condition, you can store honey even for years; But according to the law, the date of use is recorded on honey packages for 2 years. In this situation, there is a possibility of sugaring honey, which is completely normal and you can easily fix it.

Final words

Orange blossom, which refers to the blossoming of the orange tree in spring and summer, is a very fragrant and tasty flower with amazing healing properties. Natural orange blossom honey, which is a kind of monofloral honey from orange gardens in the north and south of Iran, also has the same properties and pleasant feeling as orange blossoms. Of course, you should note that orange blossom honey and other monofloral kinds of honey are not 100% pure. Because bees also feed on other flowers. This happens with the natural orange blossom honey as well; Because there are usually other citrus fruits in orange orchards. In any case, the purity percentage of orange blossom is higher than all other citrus fruits in the orange blossom honey. This type of honey has a memorable flavor and a soothing and pleasant aroma that will remain in your memory forever.

With all these delightful features, natural orange blossom honey has many healing properties that we have mentioned in this article. Orange blossom is one of the valuable medicinal plants used in the production of natural honey. To get natural orange blossom honey and other natural honey such as acacia honey and thyme honey, you can ask for them from Marzogh right now! Marzogh honey is natural and guaranteed from the highest quality orange gardens in Iran. Its unique taste and aroma will never disappoint you.

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