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In Northern Iraq, particularly the Kurdistan region, gasoline specifications and standards may differ from the rest of Iraq due to varying regulatory frameworks and infrastructure. Here are some key points about gasoline standards and quality in Northern Iraq:

Key Specifications:

  1. Octane Rating: Common octane ratings in Northern Iraq include 90 and 95 RON (Research Octane Number). Higher octane fuels are often available to meet the requirements of modern vehicles.
  2. Sulfur Content: Similar to global trends, there is a move towards reducing sulfur content in gasoline. Ultra-low sulfur gasoline (below 10 parts per million, or ppm) may not be as prevalent, but efforts to reduce sulfur levels are ongoing.
  3. Aromatics and Olefins: The content of aromatic hydrocarbons and olefins is regulated to some extent, though the enforcement and specific limits can vary.
  4. Reid Vapor Pressure (RVP): Given the hot climate, RVP is managed to reduce evaporation and emissions, especially during the summer months.
  5. Benzene Content: Benzene levels are regulated to minimize health risks, typically aiming to keep it below 1%.
  6. Additives: Gasoline may contain detergents and other additives to help maintain engine cleanliness and performance.