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Optical fiber engineering, Internet ISP, designing and implementation of closed circuit IP network

Marzogh Trading Company has an efficient presence in networks and its services to participate in the region's market. Send us an email to start learning more about our security services.

A rescue angel!

Designing and implementation of fire suppression systems and alarms

Designing architecture of electrical and mechanical fire suppression and alarm systems as well as providing Honeywell USA equipment in Iraq.

To the sky!

All types of elevators and escalators

Marzogh is ready to sell and implement all kinds of elevators and escalator systems. Send us an email if you are looking for more information about these services.

Your companion through your ups and downs

Mechanical rooms and pool equipment

Marzogh Trading Company is exporting and implementing machinery rooms and pool equipment. Tap this button to find out more.

Marzogh, with a strong presence in the market of the region, is ready to sell the best brands and export systems like CCTV cameras, industrial machinery, all kinds of quality food products, heating and cooling systems, pool equipment, pipes, and plumbing fittings, fire suppression systems, elevators, and escalators.
We are also ready to implement high-quality and cost-effective construction projects and building equipment services with the help of the most experienced experts in the region.

Road and building construction

with the help of the most experienced civil engineering experts

Pipes and fittings

Selling, exporting, and installation of a variety of building equipment

Electrical and mechanical equipment

CCTV cams, elevators and escalators, heating and cooling systems, etc.

Food industry

Trading and exporting food products like saffron, tea, rice, natural honey, etc.

Marzogh company

Food Branch

Learn more about Marzogh’s most recent food exportations.

The working process of Marzogh

Marzogh is on your side until you have quality and global standard projects!


The satisfied smiles of our aspiring customers are a precious treasure that Marzogh is proud to have!



Each step of project implementation gets targeted and planned under the keen eyes of Marzogh experts!


Standard researches

Marzogh, having any type of needed expert teams for you and your business, passes every step of scientific and field research before starting to do any project or presenting any product.




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The project is done

Our professional services

The services provided by our company have been registered and awarded in international standards.

Network engineering

Optical fiber engineering, Internet ISP, designing and implementation of closed circuit IP network.

Provision of materials and energy

Providing petrochemical products including resin, urea 46 etc. from China to the Middle East.

Building and road construction

Construction of building and road projects relying on experienced engineers.

Marzogh Family

Learn more about marzogh family members.

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Mahdi Hadipour CEO
Registering and maintaining the documents and property of the company Guiding and counselling to the members of the board Implementation of the approvals of the board Management, registration, and maintenance of the property of the company Hiring specialized personnel and supervising them Boosting human resources Finding job opportunities Encouraging, punishing, and firing personnel if required
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Hossein Alinia Project manager and technical supervisor
Planning, directing, and controlling all project processes Management and coordination of communication between team members Project management and project implementation teams Reporting the status of the projects (daily and monthly) to the senior management Implementation of the holding's strategy and instructions in the projects
Mahdieh Ghorbani Administrative and financial manager
Planning and organizing the activities Management and organization of the human resources Providing the administrative resource management Supervising the activities and following them up Managing and enhancing the internal/external organizational communications Improving the organization and management of the activities Optimum management of administrative and human resources Improving the internal and external communications
mohaddese kazemi Supervisor of technical engineering and construction affairs

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