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Our Services

Our professional services

The services provided by our company have been registered and awarded in international standards.

Network engineering

Optical fiber engineering, Internet ISP, designing and implementation of closed circuit IP network.

Hydraulic engineering

Designing and implementing industrial pipeline and fluid control systems with experienced engineers and distributing pipeline equipment from George Fisher Switzerland, Cepex Spain, TP Italy, and Plimat Portugal in Iraq.

Provision of materials and energy

Providing petrochemical products including resin, urea 46 etc. from China to the Middle East.

Heating and cooling

Designing, installing, and providing Iranian, English, and American HVAC components, and heating and cooling chillers with the help of well-experienced engineers.

Fire suppression and alarms

Designing architecture of electrical and mechanical fire suppression and alarm systems as well as providing Honeywell USA equipment in Iraq.

Elevators and escalators

Providing all kinds of electrical and mechanical construction equipment.

Construction services

Implementation of various road and building construction projects with experienced engineers and labors.

Mechanical room and pool equipment

Importing various types of mechanical room and pool equipment and implementing related projects.

Industrial machinery

Importing industrial machinery like peelers, slicers, cooking platforms, etc.