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Zahidi dates

Zahidi dates

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Zahidi date, known as Qasb dates in some parts of Iran, is one of the best dates for export in Iran. This popular and best-selling date in Iran and the world is oval in shape and has a very narrow and pointed end. The exceptional and magnificent colors and taste are the reasons for the popularity of Zahedi dates. In addition to all these features, because it is semi-dry, its storage and maintenance conditions are also effortless. As mentioned, this date, which is yellow and turns brown when Rotab, is usually consumed semi-dry.

The name “Zahidi” has a root in Arabic, “Zahidi” which means affluence. Although this type of date has a large amount of sugar, it is suitable for people with diabetes or weight loss diets because its sugar type is fructose. Regarding the sweetness, Zahidi dates are widely used in the production of edible sugar materials, alcohol, and vinegar. The pulp-to-seed ratio in Zahidi date is 6.35%, and the seed is attached to the date flesh(pulp).


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